Diabetes & Pre-diabetes Monitoring Kit (6 Months Subscription)

£294 £245

Just one blood spot needed
Simple to use kit
Comfort & privacy of your own home
Results analysed using the latest laser technology
Complete confidentiality of results
Quick turnaround of results for your complete peace of mind


Buy this kit which includes a subscription to monitor diabetes and pre-diabetes for six months.

This subscription allows us to send you diabetes and pre-diabetes test kit every month for six months enabling you to track your diabetic status without having to re-order kits.

Effectively giving you six tests for the price of five.

In our busy and hectic lifestyles, many people dismiss some of the early signs of the onset of diabetes, such as excessive thirst, blurred vision, tiredness, or frequent visits to the toilet, or they may not notice the symptoms as they can develop slowly over a period of time.

Pre-diabetes is the name given to the condition which is approaching Type II diabetes. Just as in some cases Type II diabetes can be reversed, the same applies to pre-diabetes, meaning that a person never progresses to a full diabetic state.  Knowing of the many complications associated with diabetes, a pre-diabetic status gives you the chance to reverse or at least slow down the progression to diabetes.

– This is a screening test for research purposes only – 


All orders placed before 3pm for the Home Blood Spot Kit will be dispatched on the same day or on the next working day. Your personalised kit will be sent to you by Royal Mail 1st class postal service in a plain cardboard envelope to maintain your privacy at all times.


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