MAP Sciences and LabCare to launch haemoglobinopathy screening throughout the Middle East

Case Study


MAP Sciences has teamed up with LabCare Medical Analysis to launch its first panel of tests for Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassaemia and other Blood Disorders into the Middle East and North Africa.

Al Enaiah Medical Lab (LabCare) is a leading diagnostic facility located in the Emirates of Sharjah and serving all 7 emirates through our logistic sample pickup services.

MAP Sciences particularly likes LabCare’s approach to understanding patient needs while at the same time providing highly integrated lab information management system (LIMS). They are a community based facility with a high quality and accurate laboratory service that meets the highest International standards and all in a timely and affordable manner, they are a great match for us, we share the same ethos.

LabCare are ideally placed to work with us and provide a second-to-none infrastructure in the region. In return, MAP Sciences can provide our state-of-the-art rapid, reliable and robust technology to a region which can truly benefit from our enhanced medical diagnostics.

The Challenge

Jihad Saadeh, owner of LabCare, said that one of the problems he faces is that some tests take too long and are too costly for people without insurance. In fact, even with insurance some patients have found that their tests are not always covered. Jihad was curious to find out more about MAP Sciences new tests which at first seemed too good to be true.

“How can MAP get all that information so rapidly, from such a small sample, and at such a low cost?” Jihad Saadeh.


The answer is simple: MAP Sciences uses MALDI technology which means our tests are very quick and need very low sample volumes, literally just a drop of blood. We did what we always do when somebody asks us “How can you do that?”, we invite them to see for themselves.

In September 2017 Jihad spent a week with us where we showed him our established system and the new rapid diagnostic system which can analyse a blood sample in a couple of minutes.