MAP Sciences is a group of parent and subsidiary corporations founded upon an exclusive intellectual property portfolio of medical diagnostics and digital diagnostic applications. These completely novel diagnostic tests, with proven and certified results, are based around MALDI ToF mass spectrometry to be rapid, robust and reliable and use high-tech diagnostics in a simple and practical way.


In a time of expensive and time-consuming genetic screening, the MAP Tests represent an economical alternative to efficiently screening mass populations as well as personalised medicine to tackle enduring global medical problems and providing effective solutions for personal health and wellbeing testing.

MAP Clinical Process

Obtain a Sample

Apply Sample

Load Sample Plate

Fire Laser

Data Analysis


Implementing MALDI

MALDI is Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation mass spectrometry. By firing a laser at a sample MALDI can separate and analyse proteins and other molecules found in biological fluids like blood or urine.

These molecules can tell us a lot about your health or the health of your baby.

Robust Technology

We have been using MALDI for over 20 years. What was a very big, high-tech, laboratory instrument is now a robust bench-top reader than anyone can use.  

Rapid Results

MALDI is quick, really quick! Once we have your sample, we can analyse it in under 20 minutes, results while you wait. Compared to genetic testing which can take several days or even weeks. 

Combined Testing

MALDI is so powerful that it doesn’t just look for one thing. It can analyse multiple markers. This means we can combine results without needing to re-analyse or take more samples.

Simple Sampling

MALDI needs less than a drop, nanolitres (billionths of a litre), to analyse your sample. A pin prick of blood on a sample card or a urine spot sample. No needles, no hospital visits and no tubes of blood.  

Affordable Pricing

Because MALDI is so sensitive we only need nanolitre sample volumes. This keeps reagent costs really low and we can pass those savings onto patients.

Neural Network

Our MALDI readers are connected to our network over the cloud. This means that your sample can be compared to millions of pieces of data on a neural network which learns and improves as it analyses.


Behind the medical science and technology is a team of dedicated, trained medical professionals that have been brought together to offer our customers a unique way to get the reassurance they need regarding their health.

MAP Sciences and LabCare to launch haemoglobinopathy screening throughout the Middle East

Case Study


MAP Sciences has teamed up with LabCare Medical Analysis to launch its first panel of tests for Sickle Cell Disease, Thalassaemia and other Blood Disorders into the Middle East and North Africa.

Al Enaiah Medical Lab (LabCare) is a leading diagnostic facility located in the Emirate of Sharjah and serving all 7 emirates through our logistic sample pickup services.

MAP Sciences particularly likes LabCare’s approach to understanding patient needs while at the same time providing a highly integrated lab information management system (LIMS). They are a community-based facility with high quality and accurate laboratory service that meets the highest International standards and all in a timely and affordable manner, they are a great match for us, we share the same ethos.

LabCare is ideally placed to work with us and provide a second-to-none infrastructure in the region. In return, MAP Sciences can provide our state-of-the-art rapid, reliable and robust technology to a region which can truly benefit from our enhanced medical diagnostics.

The Challenge

Dr Jihad Saadeh, the owner of LabCare, believes that one of the problems he faces is that some tests take too long and are too costly for people without insurance. In fact, even with insurance, some patients have found that their tests are not always covered. Dr Saadeh was curious to find out more about MAP Sciences new tests which at first seemed too good to be true.

“How can MAP get all that information so rapidly, from such a small sample, and at such a low cost?”   Dr Saadeh.



The answer is simple: MAP Sciences uses MALDI technology which means our tests are very quick and need very low sample volumes, literally just a drop of blood. We did what we always do when somebody asks us “How can you do that?”, we invite them to see for themselves.

In September 2017, Dr Saadeh spent a week with us where we showed him our established system and the new rapid diagnostic system which can analyse a blood sample in a couple of minutes.